TCS JOHN HUXLEY acquires Elite Cabinet

TCS John Huxley announced the acquisition of Elite Cabinet in Las Vegas, Nevada. The recently completed agreement provides a key component in the growth of the company’s US operation allowing local manufacturing of high quality gaming equipment.

 Elite was founded by Laszlo and Flor de Maria Muskovits in 1988 and has grown to a 1,490 sq. meters (16,000 square ft) manufacturing plant employing over 30 team members. With state of the art machinery and the latest computer aided design technology, the facility is able to produce an extensive range of gaming equipment to suit the needs of any casino’s requirements.

 Reporting to Raul Bouchot, Executive Vice President of TCS John Huxley (Americas), will be Gary L. Hickey, General Manager, Manufacturing Operations. Hickey has been an integral part of Elite for the past five years will continue in his current capacity. Sandra Delaney will manage all internal administrative functions related to the manufacturing and office operation. Laszlo and Flor Muskovits will take up new roles in the organization and will be pivotal in the smooth transition of integration.

Raul Bouchot stated: ”The acquisition of Elite Cabinet continues the commitment made to our customers to provide a wide range of quality products and customer service in the Americas at competitive prices. The facility to manufacture locally coupled with our knowledge and levels of craftsmanship will ensure that we can produce competitive customized table designs which integrate all the relevant technologies that casinos of today require.”

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