TCS JOHN HUXLEY introduces TouchTable Real Roulette™ at ICE

TCS JOHN HUXLEY will be exhibiting TouchTable Real Roulette™ at the International Casino Exhibition.


Touch Table Real Roulette™ takes the ”lounge style gaming” concept to the next level with this 42” plasma screen multi player game.


Players sit in groups around the table where an embedded plasma screen shows the betting area and a clear ”picture in picture” image of the roulette wheel.


The unit incorporates a ”bill in” and ”ticket out” cash handling system. Each player is assigned their own colour chips and the layout splits into 4 separate betting screens. Once ”no more bets” is called, the 4 layouts merge back into the main screen where all bets can be seen.


The result from the wheel is verified and transmitted automatically to the table where losing bets are cleared & winning bets paid.


A variety of colours and finishes are available to ensure that the equipment matches the existing casino décor.


Simon Witty, Group Business Development Director for TCS JOHN HUXLEY commented ”Whilst this concept has been in it’s infancy for the last year, TouchTable Real Roulette has been developed with the player at the forefront. The group environment that this product encourages will attract a whole new demographic to the gaming floor”.

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