TCS JOHN HUXLEY invests in Swedish casino game developer Solidicon


TCSJOHN HUXLEY has announced a move to develop cutting-edge 3D gaming content aimed at the casino industry by making an equity investment in the Swedish based game developer Solidicon AB.

Solidicon provides game content for slot machines, multiplayer platforms, online and lottery systems. The company’s EQ Game Engine™ which delivers its visually impressive games, was developed as a result of 10 years experience in game development for platforms such as Sony PlayStation®, Microsoft® Xbox as well as online gaming.

Solidicon with its revolutionary real-time 3D game technology and TCS JOHN HUXLEY with its extensive world wide distribution network, will work closely together to penetrate the casino market with the very latest game technologies. Their first product ready for launch is a real-time 3D virtual horse racing game called Triple Towers Virtual Horse Racing™.

Per-Anders Gustafsson, Solidicon CEO said, ”Having TCS JOHN HUXLEY by our side is a key strategic opportunity. We know that Triple Towers Virtual Horse Racing is one of the best games in the casino market and with TCS JOHN HUXLEY and its extensive world wide distribution network, we believe this will become an unbeatable partnership.”

Triple Towers Virtual Horse Racing™ brings the fast paced excitement of horse racing to the casino floor and features the most realistic horse racing computer graphics to date. A terminal based version of the system will be distributed by TCS JOHN HUXLEY. It will feature an infinite amount of random outcomes, realistic sound effects including race commentary and a range of game customization including dynamic in-game advertisement spots. It was first exhibited at ICE 2006 and more recently at last month’s Canadian Gaming Summit, making a huge impact on both audiences.

Simon Witty, TCS JOHN HUXLEY Group Product Development Director concluded, ”TCS JOHN HUXLEY has a comprehensive product range covering the needs of the casino industry and is recognised for its high quality. Consequently we are delighted to invest in Solidicon with its real-time 3D game technology. The flexibility of real-time 3D game content is enormous and we will be able to offer players more interactivity and variation in our games, which of course will increase the game’s durability and make it more visually compelling.”

For further information:


 Simon Witty, Group Product Development Director

 +44 7778 747 160


Luke Davis, Product Communications Manager

 +44 7775 847 51

Solidicon AB

 Per-Anders Gustafsson, CEO

 +46 706 48 81 33

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