TCSJOHNHUXLEY demonstrates leading casino RFID at G2E Asia

TCSJOHNHUXLEY recently showcased the industry’s most advanced RFID solution at G2E Asia.

With EurasiaTrak RFID casinos can now benefit from the first product on the market to combine the benefits of high-performance table automation with the rigorous security provided by RFID chip technology.

A World first, EurasiaTrak RFID eliminates counterfeiting, employee theft and dealer/player collusion with its rigorous security features. The system tracks chip movement for each transaction in the casino, offers banking level security and gives casino management advanced table automation, surveillance integration and player tracking data. Through intelligent real time accounting of float trays, high resolution table top sensing and security portals EurasiaTrak RFID offers an unrivalled casino RFID solution.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY Group Business Development Director, Simon Witty comments, “EurasiaTrak RFID provides a true value added solution by delivering on the promises and capabilities that this technology can offer casino operations. EurasiaTrak focuses on banking level encryption and real time table sensing that can track chips in play at a resolution of less than half an inch. Intelligent Float Trays allow full table automation allowing operators to reduce costs, increase game speed, and track players without the manual overhead that this level of data capture has previously required.”

With EurasiaTrak RFID casino managers have real-time 24 hour visibility of all table activity across an estate helping them to maximise the potential of the gaming floor. With unique system components that are designed to fit around existing game procedures, RFID can now be applied to all areas of the casino giving an accurate view of all customer transactions without the customer seeing any significant differences or slowing of games.

The backbone of the EurasiaTrak system is a patented 13.56Mhz RFID chip design with ‘One Time Password Technology’ that provides an ever-changing security barrier. Every time chips are placed on a table sensor or high capacity reader they are issued with a new encrypted identity. This ensures that no two chips can ever be the same making them worthless to counterfeiters.

EurasiaTrak RFID advanced technology is supported by TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s worldwide service infrastructure to provide operators with around the clock back-up and support. The range of products is now available in Asia, Europe, Africa, Canada, South America and Central America.

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Tracy Cohen – Marketing Manager

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